Supporting Nevada Girls State

The Queens of the Road is supporting Nevada Girls State at their 1st annual all women’s car and bike show.

Nevada Girls State is a wonderful organization and the American Legion Auxiliary raises money each year to help send girls to the week long camp.

We will be holding a raffle during the car/bike show to help them raise funds.

Here is Glynis Seeley to explain what the program is and why it is so important to our future.

We hope you will all stop by the show to support the ladies who are showing their cars and bikes and also purchase some raffle tickets to help send more girls to camp.

Queens of the Road Show

April 27, 2019

10 am – 3 pm

American Legion Post 8

733 Veterans Memorial Dr,

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

You can find the FaceBook Event Page HERE

Pre-Register your car or bike – HERE
This is for ladies to show their rides…sorry guys!

Atomic Motors Spring Fling

It starts warming up early in Las Vegas, so by the end of March it is perfect weather for a car show and BBQ.

Atomic Motors in Henderson, NV holds an open cruise in show every Saturday and every few months, they hold a show with food and drinks and they make it a party.

Old blue and gray truck

On March 30, 2019 they held their spring show and boy, did they have a nice turnout!

Rat rods, hot rods, classics and even some newer cars all showed up to hangout, listen to the band and eat!

I of course took pictures and ate…2 cheeseburgers hit the spot.

Most of the cars were already parked by the time I got there, so we just did some swipes and walk arounds to show you the variety of cars.

I also did some 360 shots inside their shop and out in the parking lot.

Thankfully our friends’ teenage grandson was there and he wandered around with me carrying the 360 camera stand. If not for Jason, I would have really been tired.

So we hope you enjoy the video and 360 pictures from the car show…always nice to show off the locals just hanging out and having fun!

IPOF Car Show in Las Vegas

On Sunday March 31, 2019 Sunset Park was were you could find some of the nicest hot rod, classic cars, muscle cars and even a lowrider.

This show is always a huge hit for the car community as they go out to support local law enforcement.

Entire families came out to see not only the cars that entered the show; they also got to see several types of police vehicles including a SWAT truck.

Tons of officers were there to talk with people and take pictures…even McGruff the Crime Dog was out! While you may think McGruff is for kids, we know better, the adults also love him and grabbed a selfie with this famous detective.

There were almost 300 cars entered in the show and they represented a variety of car clubs; Exquizit Mopars, LaSalle Cadillac Club, Cannibals Car Club of Las Vegas, the Dragstrip Zombies, Devious and more.

While only 1 lowrider officially entered the show, David Barnaby with Devious Car Club did them proud. There was no way you could miss his car entering the show, not only is his car super colorful, he had a bounce that no other car had. He parked it racked up on 3 wheels and so he really stood out!

Since I know not everyone could be there to checkout the awesome cars, I took some 360 photo’s that will allow you to spin around and see the awesome turnout!

We hope you saw one of your favorite cars on display. We will have video, gif’s and pictures coming soon.

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Mini Cooper Truck SEMA 2018

The only thing I can say about this 1965 Mini Cooper Truck is…WOW!

The colors on this thing are what grab your attention and 2nd is asking yourself WTH it is.

Once your eyes focus you can tell it is a Mini Cooper, but what have they done to the poor thing.

custom mini cooper truck at sema

Ok, it has twin 550 HP engines for front and rear. These are Honda B16 engines that were most commonly found in Integra RSi and Civic SiR.

Now if you notice all the gauges…that is because each engine has its own set of gauges on either side of the car. If you are like me, you have enough trouble watching one set right in front and on this Mini, they seem impossible to see while driving. Maybe I am a typical female and gauges only matter when they beep or start flashing red…otherwise…everything is fine. LOL

This car was built by Paul Ireson of Ireson Motorsports.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a badass Mini. (Badass is not something I ever thought I would say about a Mini Cooper.)

Lowrider Cruise in Sunset Park

Las Vegas City Cruising hosted another Sunday Fun Day Cruise on Saint Patrick’s Day and we stopped out to see the cars.

The cruise starts up on the north end and they cruise down the Las Vegas Strip and end at Sunset Park where car owners and their families can enjoy getting out to visit, see everyone’s cars and if you have ever been around lowriders, you know they fired up the grills and there was plenty of food!

We took the 360 camera and got some shots, so you could see all the eye candy you missed. We even got under a car to show you just how clean it was.

LVC Cruising is hoping to hold these cruises at least once a month and possibly twice a month. While it has been mostly lowriders to start, everyone is welcome. All makes and models are welcome to cruise the Strip or meet them out at the park.

I look forward to seeing all the cars and getting to meet you, so fire up that buggy and be sure to join us on the next Sunday Fun Day!

Here is the roll in showing all the great cars you can cruise with!

Join the LVC Cruising Group on Facebook, so you know when they are holding events!

Custom Chevy Suburban

How do you take something as clunky as a Suburban and make it into something really cool?

Well here is how…seriously you have to watch this video walk around.

I remember these being owned by oil field workers. Not sure why, but a lot used them. Might be because they were sturdy, had lots of room and could be easily locked?

Blue Suburban at SEMA

They also held the whole family or the kids’ football team. Plenty of room for groceries and more.

Then there was a time where I seldom saw any of these, but it seems they are back and people are customizing them to be show cars!

Just check this video out!

This video was taken at SEMA 2018!

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The Rusted Race Car

SEMA offers more than just showing off the newest cars and this old rusted race car is proof.

I found this car later in the week and almost walked past it as it wasn’t with rat rods (yes, I love the rat rods and builds.)

Anyway, I saw the demonstrator hood and those always fascinate me, so I stopped to give it a closer look and thought you may enjoy seeing it too.

Race Car Demonstrator Hood

I didn’t get to talk to anyone working that booth, so not sure what to tell you about the car, since I don’t want to mislead you. I will say I overheard one person say they use it for training. If nothing else, it looked cool on display and did get me to stop at their area and even do a video.

So here it is!

Petty Racing 740 horsepower

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Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels at SEMA

SEMA 2018 gave us more to see than you could ever imagine. Not only were their cars and parts for your newest rig, they also brought out the kid in all of us with their Hot Wheels area.

Yes, as kids most everyone has played with Hot Wheels and while we may have forgotten what cars we raced back then, it only takes a moment to see them life size to bring it all back.

Those fun times of fighting with older brothers to get your hands on the fastest car in the box. Or if you are like me, much of what you raced depended on color and style.

So, while out front of SEMA I spotted some cars that I just had to get a closer look at. Getting close to get pictures and video was no small chore as the area was packed with adults swooning over the cars and telling stories of their childhood memories.

Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels

I did manage to catch the Twin Mill Hot Wheels car early before to many surrounded it and I may have ask a few people to step back for a moment.

I am sure the twin Chevy 502 Big Block engines and B&M Blowers is what grabs attention for many, but it was that blue that grabbed me.

While the sleek design really sets off those big engines, I am not sure how you can see to actually drive it. I also don’t know if they ever take it out and put that (1400) horsepower to work. But, if the owner would like to stop by and take me for a ride, I’d be happy to see how it all works.

This Hot Wheels Toy design was 1st conceived by Ira Gilford in 1968. It wasn’t until the 2001 SEMA Show when the live size version was shown.

Hope you enjoy the memories this brings back!

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Makita Random Orbit Polisher Review

If you are in the business of making your customers cars look their best when it comes to finish, then we have a great polisher for you.

While at SEMA 2018 I had the pleasure of talking with Sean Kelly, owner of DNA Surface Concepts. His business relies on getting the best finish possible for each and every customer, so when we saw him doing demonstrations of the Makita Random Orbit Polisher we ask if he would do a demo for us, so we could bring it to you.

He agreed, so instead of me trying to tell you about the polisher, I am going to let a professional do it…

Go ahead and watch the video and in less than 5 minutes, you will find out the great benefits of this tool.

And there you have it!

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Sheryl Loch

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Resurgence Rat Rod SEMA 2018

Way up in a front corner, right on Las Vegas Blvd, sat the Resurgence Rat Rod. This rat rod was built by Resurrected Rust Garage out of Hood River, Oregon for the SEMA 2015 Build Off. In fact it won that year.

This rat rod drew a lot of attention and getting pictures was a challenge. But since the detail on this car was amazing, I fought off challengers to get pics for you!

Resurgence Rat Rod SEMA 2018

While I didn’t get to do a video interview, I did find out a bit about this awesome ride.

Rat Rod Magazine is who hosted the build off and one of the rules was that a team can only spend up to $3,000 on the project. Believe or not, the Resurgence team only spent $2,600.

Who knew you could build something like this on such a limited budget?

Think that is pushing it? They built this in just 23 day!

long rat rod sema 2018 parade

It has a 16’ 6” frame and is out of a 1972 Dodge motor home.

The engine is a small block 360, also out of a 1972 motor home (not sure if it is the same motor home as the frame, but guessing it is, since their budget was so limited.)

The cab is off of an Autocar COE truck.

The headlights buckets are off of a Diamond T.

This rat rod has pieces and parts from a wide variety of things. I say things, because it isn’t all just car and truck parts. It has bicycle parts, Harley parts and even parts off a snowmobile. Now you have to be REALLY creative to get all into just 1 build.

Speaking of creative, the cut out designs on this rat rod are beyond amazing! Maybe it is the “little old lady” in me that is so fascinated with the art.

The entire roof is a cutout! Oh be still my heart, who knew you could have such a classy rat rod? Honestly, it did remind me of a badass lace.

There is also a cut out covering the radiator and this piece really stands out since the front of the cab is so open. The back side windows also have a touch of design.

The wheel covers…they are something! I don’t even know how to explain the cutout on these. You will see what I mean in the video.

Ok, I will stop there and let you watch the video. I tried to show as much detail as I could. I am hoping that the guys will bring this car to RatCity Rukkus and maybe then I can get an interview.

Want to see what they are doing next? Well hop on over to the Resurrected Rust FaceBook Group. I am sure you will see something to blow your mind!

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Sheryl Loch

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