Atomic Motors Spring Fling

Old blue and gray truck

It starts warming up early in Las Vegas, so by the end of March it is perfect weather for a car show and BBQ.

Atomic Motors in Henderson, NV holds an open cruise in show every Saturday and every few months, they hold a show with food and drinks and they make it a party.

Old blue and gray truck

On March 30, 2019 they held their spring show and boy, did they have a nice turnout!

Rat rods, hot rods, classics and even some newer cars all showed up to hangout, listen to the band and eat!

I of course took pictures and ate…2 cheeseburgers hit the spot.

Most of the cars were already parked by the time I got there, so we just did some swipes and walk arounds to show you the variety of cars.

I also did some 360 shots inside their shop and out in the parking lot.

Thankfully our friends’ teenage grandson was there and he wandered around with me carrying the 360 camera stand. If not for Jason, I would have really been tired.

So we hope you enjoy the video and 360 pictures from the car show…always nice to show off the locals just hanging out and having fun!

Author: Sheryl Loch

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