Car Stars Parade in Las Vegas

Every year Paul Casey gathers some of the hottest cars in the Las Vegas Valley for his Car Stars Parade.

This isn’t a normal cruise; no this is a high priority. They shut down north bound Las Vegas Blvd. while the cars make their way from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign all the way to Fremont Street.

The cars even have a police escort. In fact it takes several officers to make the parade go off without a hitch. The police basically play leap frog as the parade makes it way north.

Just so you know in case you are ever downtown when they hold the parade, the cops aren’t playin. As one car was edging as if it was going to pull out of a side street, you could hear an officer telling them they better not even think about it.

Not sure what they would have done if the car had went, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t have been worth the ticket for not only pulling out, but for just pissing off the cop. Really, it only took a few minutes for the hot rods to go by and then you could be on your way.

As for the parade itself, we had some cool cars from your favorite tv shows and movies.

The ‘Back to the Future’ car was ready to hit that 88 mph and head off. Thankfully the parade was a little early and we didn’t see lightening until a few hours later or it would have been a whole different show.

The Ghostbusters wagon was out and I am not sure they found any ghost, but I am sure they found some freaks on Fremont Street (there are always freaks on Fremont!)

Now if you were a kid in the 70’s and 80’s you know the car from ‘Starsky and Hutch’, the 2 best cops in the universe. Well, they were at the time, they didn’t have all the fancy gear cops now have, they had Huggy Bear and that was sometimes all they needed to solve the crime. This 1975 Ford Gran Torino is owned locally in Las Vegas and is a hit at many shows. I think even younger people can recognize this ride!

We also got to see Kit from ‘Night Rider’, this is another great car that many of us spent each week waiting for it to come on. Kit could do things no other car could and it is still a favorite at shows! Now the Night Rider car had a battery issue about 2/3 of the way down Las Vegas Blvd, but with a little help Cat got it to Fremont to wow the crowds.

Captain America was also cruising on his motorcycle and followed by the Avengers SUV. Many of the others from the movie were riding on the Angel Fire Truck and yes, the kids and adults loved seeing their favorite super heroes.

The Angel Fire Trucks also carried some other very important people…the Disney Princesses! Yes, girls of all ages went crazy to see their Disney favorites!

As for the other cars in the parade, there was Whiskey Saldana in his latest truck. Not sure if you would call it a hot rod, rat rod, dragster or what, but I just call it freakin cool. Yes, I love this little yellow truck!

The Road Angels had most of the club out in their classic cars, some of which would take you back in time to when cars were big and made of steel. This included 2 old Impalas, Len’s 1968 and Cat’s 1958. Let me just say that Len’s is the blue dusty one, Cat’s is polished to perfection (minus the rain drops that fell during the parade.) Sorry Len, I had to say it. LOL

Speaking of old cars, Chris and Lesley of BlueNote Tattoo had out their pink 1964 Ford Thunderbird and their 1951 blue Mercury.

Jimmy and Sherold brought a bit of color with their 1940’s purple Ford. Sherold always pulls it off and she of course wore purple to match the ride!

I am not sure how the ‘Star Wars’ crew ended up so far back, but no matter where it is in the parade, people love to see it. Now I am going to be honest and tell you, that I have no clue what this rig is called. I saw Star Wars when it first came out and have not seen it again. I am sure some of you can tell us all what this is called and probably more facts than we will ever need. But even though I don’t know much, I do know I like Chewbacca…he’s furry and can kick ass, that is all I need to know.

Following them is Dean Sutton and his wife Liz in their hot rod towing their super cool motorcycle. I thought about riding on the motorcycle to get some really cool pictures, but knowing Dean…no way. LOL

We also have more purple with one of the rides from the Las Vegas Nocturnal club.

Mark Silverman in his El Camino is followed by a lot of hot rods and classics, we even had a Slingshot cruising!

As for me, I am riding with Skeeter and LuCindi ( Roddin Around) in the back of their red and white Ford F150 right in front of Hippy Mike in is VW Bus.

That VW Bus got a LOT of hoots and hollers. I had no idea how many stoners hung on the Strip. LOL

Bringing up the rear is another of the Angel Fire Trucks and it had the Avengers riding on top!

While I road in the parade to get footage of some cars and the tourist, Brad hit the street and got footage of the entire parade.

He was down at the Harley Davidson and once we all passed, he jumped in the car and beat us all down to Fremont to get us pulling in.

As for me and my footage; I was working the 360 camera and trying to get flat rolling footage all at the same time in the back of the truck. I really could have used an extra hand, but made it work anyway. Thankfully, Skeeter is a good driver and kept it as smooth as possible…he also didn’t let me fall out. LOL

Even with the rain, it was a great parade. I think not only did the tourist have a great time, but so did everyone who brought out their cars!

WelderUp Open House with 360 Pictures

If you couldn’t make it to Las Vegas for RatCity Rukkus, you not only missed that show, you missed the WelderUp Open House.

That’s right Steve and the team pulled out their cars and allowed people to walk through and see the shop. Steve was there signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. He pretty much had a line all day.

The Las Vegas BoneShakers car club wanted to do something cool for RatCity Rukkus and so they proposed the idea of an open house to Steve and boy, is everyone glad…it was an amazing day!

Rat rodders from all over drove in their crazy rides to be part of the show, hang out, eat some taco’s and meet up with other builders.

Frankenbug rat rod at WelderUp Open House

The general public also came in droves to see the cars. We had people from all over the US, Canada, the UK and some I just didn’t speak the language so I am not sure where they were from.

Now back to the famous people who were there…of course Steve Darnell was there. His manager Joe may not be famous, but he is the brains of the bunch. He is quiet and stays in the background, but is organized and in charge (we just won’t tell Steve.)

If you are from Las Vegas, you know the BoneShakers car club as they put on some of the best cruises in the valley. If you watch Vegas Rat Rods, you have probably seen their “fearless leader” Mullet Paul (also known as Paul Crifasi.)

The winner of the Master Builder Award at RatCity Rukkus, David Alexander was also there with his one of a kind ride.

Whisky Saldana and his lovely wife brought in their latest build and oh man is that truck cute!

Horney Mike also stopped in to sign autographs, talk with fans and get pictures. Yes, he found my 360 camera and gave us a great shot.

Now I am going to be honest, I have only seen part of 1 episode of Vegas Rat Rods and that was while I was in Paul’s shop as he worked on his truck. I have never seen Count’s Kustoms, but you really don’t need to see the show to know who Horney Mike is. LOL

I want to say thank you to Steve and his team for being all out nice people. Thanks to the BoneShakers for not slapping me when I yelled at them. Isiah and Jason for working the front gate (they are 2 of the best teenagers I have ever met.) Thanks to Paul and Robert for bringing out their Real Awesome Food trailer and serving up taco’s along with Chakana Coffee Cart for filling everyone’s need for caffeine. Kenny Miller of Rodder Files for doing some great YouTube Live, so people across the world could see some of the show.

Last but in no way least, all of the awesome people who brought out their rides! It would not have been a show without YOU!

Here is a collection of 360 pictures from the open house. I hope I got enough to show what and amazing day it was!

Now, if you couldn’t make it this year…don’t worry, we are already planning the one for next year!

For still pics, follow Off The Jacks on Facebook and we will have more video coming out on YouTube!

The Gif’s from this event will be listed under WelderUpOpenHouse.

Atomic Motors Spring Fling

It starts warming up early in Las Vegas, so by the end of March it is perfect weather for a car show and BBQ.

Atomic Motors in Henderson, NV holds an open cruise in show every Saturday and every few months, they hold a show with food and drinks and they make it a party.

Old blue and gray truck

On March 30, 2019 they held their spring show and boy, did they have a nice turnout!

Rat rods, hot rods, classics and even some newer cars all showed up to hangout, listen to the band and eat!

I of course took pictures and ate…2 cheeseburgers hit the spot.

Most of the cars were already parked by the time I got there, so we just did some swipes and walk arounds to show you the variety of cars.

I also did some 360 shots inside their shop and out in the parking lot.

Thankfully our friends’ teenage grandson was there and he wandered around with me carrying the 360 camera stand. If not for Jason, I would have really been tired.

So we hope you enjoy the video and 360 pictures from the car show…always nice to show off the locals just hanging out and having fun!

IPOF Car Show in Las Vegas

On Sunday March 31, 2019 Sunset Park was were you could find some of the nicest hot rod, classic cars, muscle cars and even a lowrider.

This show is always a huge hit for the car community as they go out to support local law enforcement.

Entire families came out to see not only the cars that entered the show; they also got to see several types of police vehicles including a SWAT truck.

Tons of officers were there to talk with people and take pictures…even McGruff the Crime Dog was out! While you may think McGruff is for kids, we know better, the adults also love him and grabbed a selfie with this famous detective.

There were almost 300 cars entered in the show and they represented a variety of car clubs; Exquizit Mopars, LaSalle Cadillac Club, Cannibals Car Club of Las Vegas, the Dragstrip Zombies, Devious and more.

While only 1 lowrider officially entered the show, David Barnaby with Devious Car Club did them proud. There was no way you could miss his car entering the show, not only is his car super colorful, he had a bounce that no other car had. He parked it racked up on 3 wheels and so he really stood out!

Since I know not everyone could be there to checkout the awesome cars, I took some 360 photo’s that will allow you to spin around and see the awesome turnout!

We hope you saw one of your favorite cars on display. We will have video, gif’s and pictures coming soon.

Be sure to follow us on Giphy, YouTube and Facebook, so you don’t miss any of the great cars of Las Vegas!

Lowrider Cruise in Sunset Park

Las Vegas City Cruising hosted another Sunday Fun Day Cruise on Saint Patrick’s Day and we stopped out to see the cars.

The cruise starts up on the north end and they cruise down the Las Vegas Strip and end at Sunset Park where car owners and their families can enjoy getting out to visit, see everyone’s cars and if you have ever been around lowriders, you know they fired up the grills and there was plenty of food!

We took the 360 camera and got some shots, so you could see all the eye candy you missed. We even got under a car to show you just how clean it was.

LVC Cruising is hoping to hold these cruises at least once a month and possibly twice a month. While it has been mostly lowriders to start, everyone is welcome. All makes and models are welcome to cruise the Strip or meet them out at the park.

I look forward to seeing all the cars and getting to meet you, so fire up that buggy and be sure to join us on the next Sunday Fun Day!

Here is the roll in showing all the great cars you can cruise with!

Join the LVC Cruising Group on Facebook, so you know when they are holding events!

Lugnut’s Red Car Show

Car show of red cars, two tones and others. Pre-register to get proper shirt size.

Sorry not much of a description.

International RATical Rod & CARtoons Magazine Car Show

International RATical Rod Cruise!

Cruise on over or Uber to Mr. D’s for our 1st Annual International RATical Rod Crusie In!!

Open to the public. Come check out some bad ass, Hot Rods, Rat Rods & Customs.

We welcome you all to meet all the build off team members from around the world! With a few local #JunkyardPirates & our amazing sponors!

It’s the start of something new!!

So after the gates close on opening day of SEMA, we will all gather, take a deep breathe & enjoy a cold beverage along with food specials offered by Mr. D’s. We look forward to seeing you all, as this will be one RATical Party! xo

FB Event Page

LowRider Show Down

Lowrider Show Down presented by LvcCruising.

Free to the public

***Displays are strongly encouraged***

-13th October 2018, 11 Am-6Pm. 
-7770 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89139
-Roll in/Set up 7Am-10Am
-$25 Car entry fee
-$10 Bike entry fee
-Live DJ
-Hop Competiton
-Many Categories, Trophies and awards 
-Cash prizes. 

Lvc Cruising presents its first annual LowRider Show Down. 
This will be a great event just as the weather starts to cool down. This is an outdoor show however, some cars and bikes will be inside the building for exhibition. Each category will have 1st,2nd, and 3rd place trophies. For vendor information please contact Vic 702-408-1242, Yuliet 702-563-7616.

For additional information you can reach 
Vic Herbert
Yuliet Herbert
Damien Hunter
Vince Castro
Jennie Castro

FB Event Page