Fast and Furious Charger at SEMA 2019

Fast and Furious Charger

Fast and Furious Dodge Charger and More SEMA Muscle Cars

I think everyone who is into cars has seen at least one of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies. I am sure you may have even seen all 8 of them, if you are a diehard fan.

I however may have seen only 1 of them and I am not sure which one, but it doesn’t mean I don’t know about Dom’s 1970 ish Dodge Charger. I say ‘70ish because it was built from a few different years and is customized. That is a car near and dear to many just because it is badass!

At SEMA 2019 Jada Toys had the Charger from ‘Furious 7’ in that came out in 2015.

Fast and Furious Charger

While I didn’t get to talk to anyone in the booth as they were busy, I am not sure if this is the actual car from the movie or a replica. Just being honest!
If it was the actual car that Vin Diesel drove, then I really needed to sit in it. That would probably be the closest I ever got to touching Vin’s butt.

Now that isn’t the only cool car in this video. The Chevy Camaro is really NICE!

I usually don’t get googly eyes over a black car, but the orange set it off and just made it killer!

I would have loved to hear what it sounded like going down the road, but they didn’t offer me the keys or even a ride.

We also walk you around a carbon fiber Lamborghini that was on display. I honestly don’t know much about Lamborghini’s at all, they just aren’t the type of cars I usually deal with. But, it was cool and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Blue Mercury Wagon at SEMA 2019
The next car you will see is an old Mercury Station Wagon that has had a few upgrades. Why this car is in this video? Not sure, but to late now, so just enjoy it.

This station wagon was built right here in Las Vegas and it does go out on the road. I have to appreciate a car from SEMA that isn’t just in a shop and trailered everywhere.

And last but NOT least is an amazing old muscle car!

Check out this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator! Holy smokes is this nice. This is the 2nd year this car has been at SEMA. In fact, last year I did an interview with the owner and you can find out more about this great ride!

So there you have it, just a few of the amazing cars from SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas!

We have over 30 videos from the show and they will be coming out over the next few months, so be sure to subscribe to Off The Jacks on YouTube to see them all!

Author: Sheryl Loch

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