Father’s Day Car Show for Veterans

1957 coupe deville

The past few years, the residence at the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, NV have been treated to a car show on Father’s Day. The show is small, but just enough for the veterans to enjoy, before it gets to hot out.

1957 coupe deville

This year was the biggest show yet. They had more cars and a pretty good variety of makes, models and years, from the super old buggy’s to newer muscle cars.

antique ford

I love this show for more than the cars. Getting to see the residence come out and wander through the cars is great. Some stop at certain cars and you can see their faces light up as the memories come pouring in. Some even tell the stories of owning “a car like that” when they were younger.

classic cars

Many of these veterans owned the classics when they were new on the market. Some tell about meeting their wives when they owned the car or having it to take a cross country trip with the kids.

old purple ford coupe

No matter what the story, it makes me smile to hear them.

Some of the car owners don’t just show their cars, they are helping residence get around, taking them up close to see their favorite rides or even helping them ask the other car owners questions.

old military truck

While I love the classics, some of the residence are pretty surprised with the newer cars. I heard one man commenting on the fancy headlamps. Yes, this car had the colored headlights that changed colors as they flashed in a circle. Not sure most younger people would even think about using the term headlamps, but I knew what they meant.

I think one guy was ready to jump in a newer Mustang and take it for a spin as he commented that it looked really fast and should be out on the race track. Thankfully, no one gave him the keys, but I guarantee he would have loved a ride.

So this is just a glimpse into the Father’s Day Car Show and I hope to inspire each of you to make an effort to go to show at a Veteran’s home or any place elderly residence would get a thrill out of seeing the cars. Most shows at these places are only a few hours and will not only brighten the day of the residence, I think it will also do your heart good when you see the smiles and hear the stories.

In this video, I do a YouTube Live walk around. Unlike many where I take footage and edit it together, I thought you may like to just see what it is like to be a spectator (me). You will hear some interesting conversation’s for sure.

I know I could use a good gimbal to make the video steadier, but that isn’t in my budget at the moment.

I didn’t do any 360 images as the policy at most care centers is that residence not be in images, so I wanted to respect that as much as possible.

Author: Sheryl Loch

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