Flame Shooting Drag Car Wild Thang

Red Dragster Shooting Flames

You may have seen a few cars that shoot flames, but not sure you have seen one as impressive as 'Wild Thang'.
This dragster is a real crowd pleaser!
We were at the Super Run Car Show in Henderson, Nevada when we saw this car.

I had no idea about the car, I had seen it earlier in the day just sitting like all the other hot rods and didn't think much about it. Around 6 pm as the sun started to set a bit...you could hear it start up. I was a block away and knew something BIG was going on. It wasn't just any old cruiser firing up.

I booked my butt on down the street just as they were getting the car set in the middle of the street. A crowd had gathered and the show was about to get going. Someone next to me said that this car is going to shoot flames and I thought ok, nothing crazy...but I didn't know they meant hoot flames like this!

The show only lasted a few minutes, but kids and adults were all excited.

I haven't gotten to see Wild Thang since that day, so glad we got video! And yes, I even made a Giphy!
Hope you enjoy the show!


Author: Sheryl Loch

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