Hotrods on the Las Vegas Strip

We went down to watch the car cruise on November 18, 2017 we got a few pictures and video of the cars.
There were far more than cars, there were also trucks and motorcycles.

It was pretty good weather to be out, but by the time I got done, I was frozen. Taking pictures while shivering doesn’t work so well. The cool weather is good for the cars, so they don’t over heat, but not so good for my toes!

As for the cruise itself, they met at the Harley Davidson shop on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip and headed north towards Freemont. While I am not sure of how many vehicles ended up participating, it took over 10 minutes for all of them to get out of the parking lot. Yes, a few had to wait on traffic, but there were still a lot!

We saw the classic cars that take you back in time.

We saw the ratrods that just make your heart go pitter patter at the creativity the builders put into their one of a kind design.

We saw the lowriders which are always fun as they tilt and bounce, along with some of the brightest paint jobs ever!

There were even a couple of drag cars that I REALLY wanted to see burn it down the street, but the public roadways are not the best place to do that, so I will have to plan a trip out to the speedway.

Led sleds, while I am not always sure what classifies by definition of a ledsled, if you ask me there were a couple there.

And scooter boys! No they were boys, but I bet they were younger than me, so boys it is and scooter men sounds weird. Anyway, there was a good sized group of motorcycles and while they weren’t the old Harleys, they were really impressive to see in such a bunch.

While the cruise was organized by the Hellkat Racers Car Club, the participants were not all members. Anyone who wanted to cruise was invited. There was even a fire truck.

We stayed down at the Harley shop, but I can just imagen what people along the strip thought as all these rides passed by. I mean, you can see a car cruise anywhere, but seeing one in Las Vegas is just better. Lights, cameras, cars!

So here is the video and we hope we got footage of everyone.

Author: Sheryl Loch

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