IPOF Car Show in Las Vegas

On Sunday March 31, 2019 Sunset Park was were you could find some of the nicest hot rod, classic cars, muscle cars and even a lowrider.

This show is always a huge hit for the car community as they go out to support local law enforcement.

Entire families came out to see not only the cars that entered the show; they also got to see several types of police vehicles including a SWAT truck.

Tons of officers were there to talk with people and take pictures…even McGruff the Crime Dog was out! While you may think McGruff is for kids, we know better, the adults also love him and grabbed a selfie with this famous detective.

There were almost 300 cars entered in the show and they represented a variety of car clubs; Exquizit Mopars, LaSalle Cadillac Club, Cannibals Car Club of Las Vegas, the Dragstrip Zombies, Devious and more.

While only 1 lowrider officially entered the show, David Barnaby with Devious Car Club did them proud. There was no way you could miss his car entering the show, not only is his car super colorful, he had a bounce that no other car had. He parked it racked up on 3 wheels and so he really stood out!

Since I know not everyone could be there to checkout the awesome cars, I took some 360 photo’s that will allow you to spin around and see the awesome turnout!

We hope you saw one of your favorite cars on display. And here is the video! We have the classics, the hot rods, muscle cars and more as they cruise in for the show.

Checkout the GIF’s from the Show – IOPFSHOW – https://giphy.com/explore/ipofshow

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Author: Sheryl Loch

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