Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels at SEMA

Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels

SEMA 2018 gave us more to see than you could ever imagine. Not only were their cars and parts for your newest rig, they also brought out the kid in all of us with their Hot Wheels area.

Yes, as kids most everyone has played with Hot Wheels and while we may have forgotten what cars we raced back then, it only takes a moment to see them life size to bring it all back.

Those fun times of fighting with older brothers to get your hands on the fastest car in the box. Or if you are like me, much of what you raced depended on color and style.

So, while out front of SEMA I spotted some cars that I just had to get a closer look at. Getting close to get pictures and video was no small chore as the area was packed with adults swooning over the cars and telling stories of their childhood memories.

Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels

I did manage to catch the Twin Mill Hot Wheels car early before to many surrounded it and I may have ask a few people to step back for a moment.

I am sure the twin Chevy 502 Big Block engines and B&M Blowers is what grabs attention for many, but it was that blue that grabbed me.

While the sleek design really sets off those big engines, I am not sure how you can see to actually drive it. I also don’t know if they ever take it out and put that (1400) horsepower to work. But, if the owner would like to stop by and take me for a ride, I’d be happy to see how it all works.

This Hot Wheels Toy design was 1st conceived by Ira Gilford in 1968. It wasn’t until the 2001 SEMA Show when the live size version was shown.

Hope you enjoy the memories this brings back!

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