360 Images of Your Business or Event

We come to your event or business and take 360 degree images that can be used to show off your business or show.
360 images give a fun perspective that will allow you to stand out from the rest.

These images can be posted to Facebook or used in a collection and embedded on your website.
Example - WelderUp Open House with 360 Pictures

I am a Google Trusted Photographer for 360 virtual tours under my business name of Ginger Roots Media.

Google Trusted

Car Show Event Page Set Up Management and Promotion

Your car show needs and event page, so people can get reminders, easily share and ask questions.
There are certain details that every show should include to make it easy for your attendees.
Updates and engagement are key and we can do that for you, so you can do what you do best.
If setting up an event page is not something you do, we can do just that or we can manage your event page for you with ongoing support.
We recently managed the Facebook event page for the WelderUp Open House.


Cloride Cruise

Photos and Video of Your Car Show

People bring their cars out to a show, so they can be seen. They have spent a lot of time and money on their ride and they need to be seen, this is where having pictures and video comes in.
Not only are your attendees thrilled to see their own car online, they get really excited when it can be shared around the world.
These pictures and videos can also be used to build excitement for your next show.
Don't just use random car pics, use real pictures and video to bring the fun of YOUR show back to mind.

Car Show Pictures