Runnin with the Rat Rods in 360

It’s not everyday you get to cruise down an Arizona highway with 2 rat rods and get 360 video.

For 1 week every year Las Vegas is home to some of the coolest rat rods around, they come in from all over the USA to show off what they built at RatCity Rukkus.

Diesel Rat Rod

There are several events going on and one of those is the Road to Rukkus hosted by Rat Rod Addiction. These are rat rods that meet up and cruise into Las Vegas together on the Wednesday before the show.

They make a stop in Kingman, Arizona for lunch and then head to Vegas.

This year we had 2 rat rods that were already in Las Vegas and wanted to go to Arizona to meet them for the cruise back. So, being in the Las Vegas area, Kenny Earls called me to see if I could arrange a meetup to cruise over.

Rat Rod Truck

Rat Rod Truck

We met up with 2 rat rods and headed to Kingman. This gave me a chance to get some one of a kind footage and have a blast doing it. Hearing those rat rods roaring down the highway may have made my heart go pitter patter.

One of the things we did was use the 360 camera to get some footage of runnin with the rats. Using a regular camera is fun, but at those speeds it isn’t smart to be hanging out the window trying to get footage of them behind you, so this is where my 360 comes in.

This is a 1 minute video that allows you to spin it and follow the rat rods as we pass them and then they come back by us.

What did it take to get this footage?

  1. You have to have 2 very cool rat rods, thanks to Veek Baskerville with his diesel Rat Roh and Jerry Newman with his Mr. B rat rod truck, we have that covered.
  2. A very stable selfie stick! I hate that I have to use a selfie stick, but it is a must. It also can not have any give it in when traveling at those speeds.
  3. A 360 camera that will take video. I use the Yi 360 VR camera.
  4. A good driver that can keep you on the road and pays attention to the cars you are trying to capture.
  5. The balls to stick that camera out a window at those speeds.

So I now look forward to making more 360 videos of cars cruising and I hope you enjoyed the view!

  • Po-Po Disclaimer: At no time did I see the speedometer go over the legal speed limit, this video just makes it seem like we were going fast.

WelderUp Open House with 360 Pictures

If you couldn’t make it to Las Vegas for RatCity Rukkus, you not only missed that show, you missed the WelderUp Open House.

That’s right Steve and the team pulled out their cars and allowed people to walk through and see the shop. Steve was there signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. He pretty much had a line all day.

The Las Vegas BoneShakers car club wanted to do something cool for RatCity Rukkus and so they proposed the idea of an open house to Steve and boy, is everyone glad…it was an amazing day!

Rat rodders from all over drove in their crazy rides to be part of the show, hang out, eat some taco’s and meet up with other builders.

Frankenbug rat rod at WelderUp Open House

The general public also came in droves to see the cars. We had people from all over the US, Canada, the UK and some I just didn’t speak the language so I am not sure where they were from.

Now back to the famous people who were there…of course Steve Darnell was there. His manager Joe may not be famous, but he is the brains of the bunch. He is quiet and stays in the background, but is organized and in charge (we just won’t tell Steve.)

If you are from Las Vegas, you know the BoneShakers car club as they put on some of the best cruises in the valley. If you watch Vegas Rat Rods, you have probably seen their “fearless leader” Mullet Paul (also known as Paul Crifasi.)

The winner of the Master Builder Award at RatCity Rukkus, David Alexander was also there with his one of a kind ride.

Whisky Saldana and his lovely wife brought in their latest build and oh man is that truck cute!

Horney Mike also stopped in to sign autographs, talk with fans and get pictures. Yes, he found my 360 camera and gave us a great shot.

Now I am going to be honest, I have only seen part of 1 episode of Vegas Rat Rods and that was while I was in Paul’s shop as he worked on his truck. I have never seen Count’s Kustoms, but you really don’t need to see the show to know who Horney Mike is. LOL

I want to say thank you to Steve and his team for being all out nice people. Thanks to the BoneShakers for not slapping me when I yelled at them. Isiah and Jason for working the front gate (they are 2 of the best teenagers I have ever met.) Thanks to Paul and Robert for bringing out their Real Awesome Food trailer and serving up taco’s along with Chakana Coffee Cart for filling everyone’s need for caffeine. Kenny Miller of Rodder Files for doing some great YouTube Live, so people across the world could see some of the show.

Last but in no way least, all of the awesome people who brought out their rides! It would not have been a show without YOU!

Here is a collection of 360 pictures from the open house. I hope I got enough to show what and amazing day it was!

Now, if you couldn’t make it this year…don’t worry, we are already planning the one for next year!

For still pics, follow Off The Jacks on Facebook and we will have more video coming out on YouTube!

The Gif’s from this event will be listed under WelderUpOpenHouse.

Resurgence Rat Rod SEMA 2018

Way up in a front corner, right on Las Vegas Blvd, sat the Resurgence Rat Rod. This rat rod was built by Resurrected Rust Garage out of Hood River, Oregon for the SEMA 2015 Build Off. In fact it won that year.

This rat rod drew a lot of attention and getting pictures was a challenge. But since the detail on this car was amazing, I fought off challengers to get pics for you!

Resurgence Rat Rod SEMA 2018

While I didn’t get to do a video interview, I did find out a bit about this awesome ride.

Rat Rod Magazine is who hosted the build off and one of the rules was that a team can only spend up to $3,000 on the project. Believe or not, the Resurgence team only spent $2,600.

Who knew you could build something like this on such a limited budget?

Think that is pushing it? They built this in just 23 day!

long rat rod sema 2018 parade

It has a 16’ 6” frame and is out of a 1972 Dodge motor home.

The engine is a small block 360, also out of a 1972 motor home (not sure if it is the same motor home as the frame, but guessing it is, since their budget was so limited.)

The cab is off of an Autocar COE truck.

The headlights buckets are off of a Diamond T.

This rat rod has pieces and parts from a wide variety of things. I say things, because it isn’t all just car and truck parts. It has bicycle parts, Harley parts and even parts off a snowmobile. Now you have to be REALLY creative to get all into just 1 build.

Speaking of creative, the cut out designs on this rat rod are beyond amazing! Maybe it is the “little old lady” in me that is so fascinated with the art.

The entire roof is a cutout! Oh be still my heart, who knew you could have such a classy rat rod? Honestly, it did remind me of a badass lace.

There is also a cut out covering the radiator and this piece really stands out since the front of the cab is so open. The back side windows also have a touch of design.

The wheel covers…they are something! I don’t even know how to explain the cutout on these. You will see what I mean in the video.

Ok, I will stop there and let you watch the video. I tried to show as much detail as I could. I am hoping that the guys will bring this car to RatCity Rukkus and maybe then I can get an interview.

Want to see what they are doing next? Well hop on over to the Resurrected Rust FaceBook Group. I am sure you will see something to blow your mind!

Thank you for stopping by,
Sheryl Loch

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