The Rusted Race Car

Race Car Demonstrator Hood

SEMA offers more than just showing off the newest cars and this old rusted race car is proof.

I found this car later in the week and almost walked past it as it wasn’t with rat rods (yes, I love the rat rods and builds.)

Anyway, I saw the demonstrator hood and those always fascinate me, so I stopped to give it a closer look and thought you may enjoy seeing it too.

Race Car Demonstrator Hood

I didn’t get to talk to anyone working that booth, so not sure what to tell you about the car, since I don’t want to mislead you. I will say I overheard one person say they use it for training. If nothing else, it looked cool on display and did get me to stop at their area and even do a video.

So here it is!

Petty Racing 740 horsepower

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