Will Internal Combustion Engines Be Banned Everywhere?

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Will Internal Combustion Engines Be Banned Everywhere?

Post by Brad West » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:12 pm

This makes me wonder what will happen to all the people with show cars and hot rods when the world bans them. Strangely enough they seem to want to ban diesel rigs before gas and their emissions have less carbon monoxide than Gas. To me this troughs up a red flag as to the real motivation behind these bans.

China, France, Britain, Germany, and others including California are considering banning internal combustion engine car and trucks by 2030. So if this happens the decreased use of fuel will undoubtedly skyrocket the price per gallon of fuel. Then there is the impact on the ecology that far exceeds the production of internal combustion vehicles. Where does this factor in along with disposing of all the batteries it takes to power these vehicles?

If the drive and intelligence of all these people are parallel with Gov. Jerry Brown from California we are doomed.
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Here are a few resources that my thoughts came from.

Calif. Gov. Brown Pushing for Ban on Cars With Internal Combustion Engines
California’s Current Strategy to Ban Internal Combustion Engines
The government of France announced plans to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles
The Reality Behind Britain's Ban on The Internal Combustion Engine
Germany’s Bundesrat wants the internal combustion engine banned
If China says no more fossil-fuel powered cars, global carmakers must follow

There are tons of articles about this trend but the big question is who is really behind it and why?
Does Al Gore have that much influence to do this?
It seems every change in the world requires more taxes, are you ready for this one?
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